Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sony LF-PK1 LocationFree Player Pak

For most of you who haven't already firgured it out, this is the Sony LocationFree player. This cable modem sized device lets you stream tv onto your PSP system. Yes, yes thats "so cool" is what we thought too, but unfortunately many won't be able to buy it because it retails at about USD $300-400.

You have to connect to a wireless access point through your psp and then the streaming process begins. You can basically watch tv from anywhere that has a wireless access point.

CNET gave it a 6.9 because of some problems. If you want to check them out you can visit them here: CNET Article

Monday, January 30, 2006

Alienware Aurora 5500

Alienwares provide top-knotch performance, incredible graphics, and a powerful pc feeling.

This particular desktop has been known to provide an average of 283 frames per second and its muscle stems from AMD's flagship 2.6-GHz Athlon 64 FX-55 processor paired with dual 160GB hard drives. I won't go too much into detail but reports have informed that music and other multimedia is absolutely amazing in this pc.

On top of such powerful features, it has a unique and hi-tech design to it.

There's only one small problem with it, the price tag. The aurora 5500 starts out at about USD $3699

Besides that, this is one incredible pc for those of you who find performance as a deciding factor when buying a pc.

Motorola SLVR L7 Better than the Razor?

The slvr is 113.5 x 49 x 11.5mm in dimensions and only 96g in weight. It beats the Razor V3 which is at 2.4mm.

It has a sleek, glossy look and is fairly sturdy build. (The glossyness attracts smudges, similar to psp)

Some features include an on board mini usb port, mp3 program, web browser, and a vga camera

This retails at about USD. $300 and above. As for which one is better, the SLVR or V3, thats for you to decide on how much you're willing to pay for a thinner phone.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

World's Fastest and most expensive Car

Alright, so i know this is not a gadget, but i wanted to take a small break out of that to show you guys this amazing car.

The Bugatti Veyron can travel over 230 mph, and can hit 62 mph in 2.5 seconds. It's a two seater with a 1,001 horsepower engine and has four turbochargers.

So how much does one have to pay to get this car? Just a little above $1.2 million dollars.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Panasonic TH-42PD50U

If you're looking to buy a flat panel tv but still want to keep some cash in your pocket, then this tv might just be the one for you. The Panasonic TH-42PD50U is an EDTV that performs better than most HDTV plasmas.

It has a built-in ATSC tuner, so no external hardware is necessary to receive over-the-air HD programming. Has built in HDMI ports, digital audio output, and 2 component-video inputs.

Missing Pc input, not digital cable ready, Lower resolution than hdtv.

I personally checked it out today at best buy and i have to say, it does show a better picture quality then some hdtvs. Compared to a better hdtv, this edtv can put up a good fight because no notable difference was shown.

So for half the price(compared to hdtvs), this is definitely a good buy for anyone trying to have a sleek flat-panel.

iRiver U10 (1GB)

Most of the newer Mp3 players are coming out with built-in Fm tuners. Unfortunately that feature in most Mp3 players works so badly that removing it would be a better choice.

Not to worry, the iRiver U10 (1gb) has perfectly nailed this feature. It is one of the few out there that can "talk the talk and walk the walk." CNET has given it an 8.3 rating, making it fall in the excellent category.

Here are some Pros and Cons:

Sleek, stylish, unique, has a FM radio, voice recorder, alarm clock, and SRS Wow sound effects; photo, video, and text viewing; and a good battery life.

Can only go to 1gb, is pricey, and theres no album pic of the songs you play.

Our Point: This gadget has alot of functionality and will do well, but Apples ipods won't be intimidated just yet.

Friday, January 27, 2006

ps3 price: $399-599?

We all know by now that the playstation 3 is going to be a powerful machine, but how much will that powerful machine cost to the consumers?

There is no exact price yet, but reports have been flowing around the internet that it will be withing the suspected 399 to 599 range.

"According to the latest issue of Japanese magazine Toyo Keizai, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities has recently calculated an analysis that the production of a single PlayStation 3 console will cost Sony approximately 54,000 yen to make ($494), as of its initial release in 2006," but to keep up with microsoft's xbox 360 Sony might release it for $399 U.S. dollars

Sony PSP review, 2006

Alright, so it's been quite a few months since the PsP's launch in the U.S, and now we're going to give you our point of view on this gadget. If you haven't bought a psp yet, then this might help you. There is no doubt that Sony's Psp is a entertaining gadget, but it falls short in some areas.

Online game play is somewhat of a problem. Some of the games which have online capabilities have no users playing online.

Unless you travel alot, the video feature won't be used often. It especially becomes a hassle if ur planning to put lots of videos on the psp. First of, you have to cough up dough for the mem stick, secondly- getting all the videos-then converting them becomes a pain. If you can afford to get umds, then that would be a better choice.

The mp3 feature is not that bad. The volume is at a good level, even though the speakers are smaller than tic-tacs. The picture of the album shows next to the song you're playing and it looks really sleek.

The games aren't that bad since there are a good amount of title available now. The graphics are at a good level. (i'd say between ps1 and ps2....not better than ps2)

Now you have to keep in mind that this is the first gadget of sony that can do so many things as a handheld. With that in mind, the psp is really not that bad.

Our point on purchase: Wait for the ps3 release, and if there's a price drop on this, definetly get it.

Nintendo Ds Lite to arrive

New Nintendo Ds lite has arrived on the nintendo website.

At 133x73.9x21.5 and only 218g, it looks like nintendo has made quite a change on the DS.

Its going to arrive sometime in March.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gameboy Micro- Macro Sales or Not?

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Game boy micro has been out for a few months now and according to all the news flowing around the internet, it's racking up a good amount of sales (even though not quite matched to the sp launch). Prices have dropped to $89 in the U.S. since its launch.

The Specs

Dimensions: 50 x 101 x 17.2 mm (2 x 4 x 0.7 inches).
Weight: 80 g (2.8 ounces)
Processor: 32-bit 16.8-MHz ARM processor (ARM7TDMI).
Colors: Varied colors and designs through a removable and customizable face plates.
Screen: 51 mm /2 [in (compared to 74 mm / 2.9 in) GBA), backlight with adjustable brightness. According to the Micro's press release, the "best Game Boy screen ever".
Battery: built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
Headphones: supports standard headphones without additional accessories.

The Negatives
These are certein criticisms that have been collected from different people around the net.
1. The screen size is small and Sp is portable enough.
2. Relys on proprietary (nonstandard) ports, and your older Gb calbes won't work on this.
3. Price--at $10 more you could get a gamecube with a free game, or at $30 more, a ds.

The positive
1. Is light weight, and can fit almost any pocket
2. Has a sleeker design than before models
3. Better Backlight.

So is the Gameboy Micro Worth it? Our call: Unless you're a hardcore Nintendo fan, we would wait out for another price drop.