Thursday, November 29, 2007

Listening to Others

It is fair to say that we humans (most of us anyway) could benefit from the act of listening, more than we do now. None of us are immune to the notion that because we think, or believe a certain way, that it must be the way of thinking or believing. Our egocentric viewpoints often prevent us from taking the time necessary to fully comprehend precisely what is being communicated to us, with the result being that we often wander aimlessly along the path of life, equipped with little more than half-truths, and romantic idealizations.

Have you ever found yourself amidst a large gathering of people, many of whom are clamoring to have their voices heard in conversation, while everyone else does their best to interrupt one another? Ever been one of those seeking to be heard? I certainly have. I have what I feel is an important point to make, or a valuable contribution to add into the conversation, but I am constantly ignored because I am not forceful enough, not loud enough, not... rude enough to make myself heard. The past has taught me that in similar situations, by the time I was given an opportunity to speak I forgot what it was I had wanted to say.


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