Saturday, January 28, 2006

iRiver U10 (1GB)

Most of the newer Mp3 players are coming out with built-in Fm tuners. Unfortunately that feature in most Mp3 players works so badly that removing it would be a better choice.

Not to worry, the iRiver U10 (1gb) has perfectly nailed this feature. It is one of the few out there that can "talk the talk and walk the walk." CNET has given it an 8.3 rating, making it fall in the excellent category.

Here are some Pros and Cons:

Sleek, stylish, unique, has a FM radio, voice recorder, alarm clock, and SRS Wow sound effects; photo, video, and text viewing; and a good battery life.

Can only go to 1gb, is pricey, and theres no album pic of the songs you play.

Our Point: This gadget has alot of functionality and will do well, but Apples ipods won't be intimidated just yet.


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