Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Belief

One thing that i always believed was the fact that one day all of our paper money will become worthless. By looking at today's values, my belief is slowly starting to prove right. It seems like things in the past few years have gotten expensiver but in reality it is the value of the dollar that is decreasing. Gas ,for example, could be bought for 25 cents a gallon. Today, however, 25 cents would barely even buy a gumball. If you think about it, precious metals such as gold and silver have still retained their value. In fact they are even more valuable then they were before. My current plan includes buying lots of precious metals and just saving them. Who knows, they might even become more valuable then they are today.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To Stock or to not Stock is the Question

I always hear people talking about making so much money from stocks. I personally never knew how they were able to do it, until now. The whole deal is to purchase shares of high dividend paying companies. What most people do is buy stocks from large companies out there that never seem to pay any dividends. These companies make billions while their stock holders don't make anything. The real stategy is to buy and sell the stocks in a way that will profit you. You could be earning a 72% annual return. There are ofcourse taxes and customer support fees but in the end, you end up making profit. A person should know what stock options he or she has.

My Car Insurance

Every once in a while, i look at how much i am paying for all my things that i own. The one thing that really gets me thinking is car insurance. I pay alot for my car insurance. I have seen many sites report that i could be saving hundreds if not thousands. I too, realize that i can save lots but i get picky when it comes to picking my automobile insurance. I just don't trust many places. One time i actually tried this one site called To my astonishment, they actually turned out to be reliable. I got my quote within minutes and i also had the option of buying the insurance online. I think todays technology is getting far more advanced and fortunately beneficial. I did what i had never done before, I bought the insurance online and saved hundreds. What are you waiting for? You could be saving hundred too.

My Orlando

My all-time favorite place to visit it Orlando, Florida. One of my main reasons for this is the easy relaxing life style. There is also tons of things i could do there. On top of that, the upscale gated neighborhoods provide me and my family with the security we need. At one point, i had decided to move to Orlando permanently. I started looking for houses and the buyer agents were helpful because they understood the contracts, house values, options, negotiations, etc. The only problem was that some Real Estate offices could not represent buyers like me, so hiring a full-time Orlando Real Estate Agent was the better option of the two. These agents are friendly and they know what they are doing. I can always count on them. If you ever fall into a situation similar to mine, be sure to keep this in mind.

Motorola Razr Sharpened

Today, Motorola has confirmed rumors that a sleeker Razr or "Krzr" is going to be released. Styled after the Razr but with a revamped design and high-end features, the Motorola Krzr (formerly known as the Canary) will come in GSM (the Krzr K1) and CDMA (the Krzr K1m) versions. For slider phone fans, the Rizr (formerly known as the Capri) will offer many of the same features as the Krzr K1 but in a slider form factor. All phones are set to be available in the second half of this year. For more information please visit Asia

Friday, July 21, 2006

Having a Blast!

Throughout the year i work really hard with one motivation in mind: Summer Vacation. Have you heard of the phrase "Work Hard, Party Harder. That's exactly what i do. My "party hard" place is Orlando, Florida. Every summer, i go there for about 3 weeks and have the best time of my life. The sunny beach, exotic food, discos, clubs, and lakes are all part of this beautiful city. The best part is that anyone can have fun (whether old or young). There are tons of hotels you could live in, but i personally prefer the Orlando Vacation Home Rental. It feels just like home. Orlando is actually becoming a big tourist spot. This can be advantageous to tourists like me because there will be even more things to do. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Orlando in your vacation.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Weddings and Savings

One of the most important things to keep in mind while planning a wedding is the budget. Knowing what your budget is, is the first step towards your wedding. Sometimes the people getting wed can afford the type of wedding ceremony they want, but sometimes they can't. In such situations it is always a good idea to ask both sides of the family to chip in. Specifically, if the family chips in for certein things such as catering, wedding hall etc. it would work out without problems. You as a soon-to-be-wed, need to keep your budget as well. Know how much you're willing to spend on the dress, decorations, and bridesmaid gifts. Newly weds will feel like spending alot of money, but sometimes its best to hold back. Early savings will be beneficial in the future. Are you ready for your wedding?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What to do about Debt?

Having debt is one of the most stressful problems. Some people can get out of debt through various methods while others cannot. One of the most common methods of coming out of debt is by debt consolidation. Sometimes you can significantly reduce your payments. The way this works is very simple, you basically take out a low-interest loan that will pay off all your current debts and in return you have to pay off that loan. Sometimes that can turn risky, because you may have to put your house on the line. You can ,however, get some tax advantages. If nothing works out (unfortunately), then the best thing to do is to declare your self as bankrupt. Starting over might give you a fresh new start.

Roses are red, Violets are Blue...

Roses are an important part of life. Almost everyone likes them, and there is no denying that roses are some of the most popular flowers. Everybody is unique so their tastes in flowers may be unique too. For example, Elton John is put off by greenery. Even though he once spent more than £10,000 on flowers, he made sure all the leaves and stems were cut off. Anyways, his past reputation with flowers can allow him to be fussy. What ever the case is, the fact is that roses solve many problems of life (including relationships), so why don't you Send roses to solve some of your problems too?

The Backup

In todays world, it is necessary for a person to have some kind of back up protection. You never know when you'll need it, so it's always a good idea to have planned it in advance. Take an example of the 2004 Paralympic Games held in Athens, Greece. One of the top swimmers, Nancy Burpee, was disqualified for no reason. What can a person do in such a situation? It always a good idea to have contact with some kind of firm. In this case, simmons jannace & stagg were there to help Ms. Burree. Having the idea that someone out there is going to help you brings a certein kind of relief. You may win a case or not, but you will always have the peace of mind knowing that you did something about it. Are you ready for your backup?