Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Launched another site

Today i launched another site that i am very proud of. NeSqL

Friday, June 08, 2007

Explode Your Summer

What do i mean by explode your summer? I mean have so much fun that you'll create lasting memories. Where's the best place for this? Well of course the one and only Orlando, Florida! Beaches, night shows and the most famous of all - Walt Disney World! Now, fun like this can be costly but it doesn't have to be anymore, i'll let you in on a site which gives Cheap Universal Studios Tickets, infact it gives the cheapest tickets and you have a variety to choose from for example - Disneyquest, Downtown Disney Pleasure Island, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks and any other Disney ticket you can think of. Not only that but they also have Kennedy Space Center tickets, Universal Studios tickets and whatnot.
Don't waste your summer, YOU could be having tons of fun right now! So what are you waiting for...GO buy yourself a ticket!

Top 10 Gadgets for the Filthy

Filthy Rich That is -

Do you travel in private jets? Decorate your foyer with real Renoirs? Use the word "foyer"? Then there's no way you're going to get your gadget fix from anything you can get at Best Buy. You crave the most exclusive, the top of the line, the most unusual, and the most attention-grabbing technology, and price is no object. But there are expensive gadgets, and then there are expensive gadgets. We aren't talking PlayStation 3 expensive — we're talking gear so expensive you'll have your butlers pick them up in your gold-plated helicopter.

Here they are Top 10 Gadgets

Turtle on Wheels

Little Bit, a young Eastern Box Turtle was hit by a car in September of 2000. Her shell was crushed and she was left partially paralyzed. There was no way she would ever be released to the wild as happens with most successful rehabs. I repaired her shell using velcro strips epoxied to anchor points on her carapace. After some weeks Little Bit seemed to have made a full recovery except for the use of her hind legs. So some wheels seemed to be the way to go. HAHAHA

Gifts for a baby shower

Have you ever freaked out about what to give a person as a gift for a babyshower? Well let me give you a secret - personalized baby gifts. Yes, there is nothing more creative and "aww" creating than this. Now you must be wondering where you would get these gifts from. Well why not buy it from the biggest marketplace ever - the internet. There are many good sites like babynest.com
that will fulfill all you baby and mom gifting needs. Now You can plan ahead and give unique gifts each and every time.

Google Office to replace microsoft

"Google appears to be positioning itself to take a bite out of Microsoft Office and I think they will eventually succeed in doing it. I would much rather have all my records stored online where I don’t have to worry about a hard drive crash and where I can get to them from any computer, any time, for ever. I just had a hard drive crash and believe me, I wish I would have had all my documents stored on the Internet somewhere."

I don’t agree. In fact, I believe that the recently released Google products miss the mark entirely. Now I must qualify my opinion by saying that I am not basing my opinion on actual use of the office system. I have not used any of the “Google Office” features that have recently been released by Google (spreadsheet, calendar, Google Base, etc.), nor do I intend to. Perhaps my reasons are ignorant, and perhaps my reasoning is short sighted, but here is why I will never trust my important documents to an online program:

The Internet isn’t always stable

Adsense 3 more Units

Here is a small excerpt from adsense:
"We're now requiring AdSense publishers to comply with the spirit of our Page Quality Guidelines. If you're an AdWords advertiser, you might already be familiar with these guidelines, which are intended to provide a better experience for users, advertisers, and publishers alike. If you use any kind of online advertising, know that these guidelines encourage publishers to, among other things, create sites with simple navigation and substantial, useful content."

"The other noteworthy update: now you can place up to three link units on a page. As we've noted in the past, link units are a great way to provide relevant, user-friendly ads in hard-to-fit locations on your site. With the new opportunity to place three link units -- and the plethora of link unit formats -- we hope you'll find great ways of incorporating this unique ad format on your site."

Finally, more ways to earn some more revenue
Read More Here

Every once in a while

Every once in a while i decide to give sane advice to my readers. Today is one of those days. So if you're wondering what i'm going to talk about - its something that we all love...Wealth. Have you ever heard of scarcity? If not it is an increase in demand due to low supply. Right now, precious metals such as gold and silver are in this situation. Let's just look at silver for a second - ever since 1990, silver supplies are shrinking and their value is skyrocketing. Lucky for you, it hasn't quite yet reached it peak so if you invest in some, you'll be guaranteed a nice return.

So where can i get it? Well you can really buy it anywhere, or atleast anywhere trusted so here's a well trusted place you can get it from - Monex Deposit Company (MDC).

Remember a wise decision now will pay off later.

Guys with no lives?

What do guys with no lives do? Combine thier love of Star Wars with a strange obsession with LEGO

Star Wars LEGOs are interesting, and kinda funny, and the video game is pure entertainment, but you would be surprised to see how far these dorks will go to make themselves happy. Although many would say this is a healthier way to get your kicks than say, a week long binge drinking fest, I am guessing it is also not healthy to never, ever...ever, ever, ever have contact with a person of the opposite sex.

Anyways, i not pointing at anyone, just wanted to speak my mind and see what people do.

Anyone remember Worms?

A Review Of a Classic - WORMS
WORMS is an awesome product from video game that was released for the original Sony Playstation. This game is well known among avid video gamers, as it has a pretty large cult following, but in my opinion has not seen the “Madden-like” popularity it deserves, as it has the ability to not get boring for skilled players, even over long periods of playing time. The point of the games is to pick teams or worms and have them attack each other. Each player is only allowed to move his or her worms a certain amount, which is determined by the number of points that the player has. Each round gives players equal amounts of points. Sound easy? It is easy to play, but extremely difficult to master; a prerequisite of a classic video game.

If you can find a couple buddies who are experienced players, this Playstation (and PC)classic from Team 17 will continue to find its way into your rotation. Trust me, it's a pretty sweet product.

Move ahead

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Now i know i have mentioned something similar to this before but i just can't help my self from saying it again, online universities are flourishing in today's age and people are getting a chance to educate themselves further due to its flexibility. Not only that but they offer various graduate degree programs such as business, information technology, education, human services, and in fact you can even get an online psychology degree if you wanted to. This is the part that most people don't understand, You can move ahead in life with further education. For example, many students (with further education) end up working at large corporations, federal agencies and so on.

So don't give an excuse, you can do it too.

Fry for Love

I don’t care what it is; deep-frying it makes it better. If you liked it before, try deep-frying it, and I am sure that you will like it even more. What I use is a FryDaddy Presto 05420. I keep is by my couch and drop pizza rolls in all night long.

If you have never deep-fried a pizza roll, you are missing out. My favorite diet of all time is a deep-fried diet (never do this for more than a couple of weeks)

Try deep-frying everything from roast beef sandwiches to marshmallows to pork loin. It’s all good, that’s why my FryDaddy will never leave my side. It is awesome. If you haven’t tried a deep fried diet, do it now; and if that sounds horrible to you, whatever, you just don't know how to live.

1080p for cheap

For all of you guys that are tired of playing your Xbox 360 in your parent's basement in less-than 1080p clarity, yet have spent all your dough on that 60-inch plasma that has allowed your dad from wrenching you from the rent-free, laundry-free arms of your mother, those crazy guys at Engadget have found a way to do it cheap. Find out how to turn a standard Xbox 360 video cable into a VGA cable for cheap here
Now you can be your own boss.