Friday, June 08, 2007

Anyone remember Worms?

A Review Of a Classic - WORMS
WORMS is an awesome product from video game that was released for the original Sony Playstation. This game is well known among avid video gamers, as it has a pretty large cult following, but in my opinion has not seen the “Madden-like” popularity it deserves, as it has the ability to not get boring for skilled players, even over long periods of playing time. The point of the games is to pick teams or worms and have them attack each other. Each player is only allowed to move his or her worms a certain amount, which is determined by the number of points that the player has. Each round gives players equal amounts of points. Sound easy? It is easy to play, but extremely difficult to master; a prerequisite of a classic video game.

If you can find a couple buddies who are experienced players, this Playstation (and PC)classic from Team 17 will continue to find its way into your rotation. Trust me, it's a pretty sweet product.


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