Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sony Bean Mp3 Player

This is the coconut white Sony Bean Mp3 player. As you can see, it has a unique design that allows it to fit perfectly into any hand. Some of its special features include a built-in usb connector and a built-in Fm Tuner. It has 1 gig built-in memory and there are around 3 other colors to choose from.

According to reports around the web, the Bean recharges quickly and has a long battery life. Unfortunately there are also some problems that have been noticed with this Mp3 player. Apparrently, the slot from which the built-in usb connector comes out of has a problem of staying open. Another problem is the fact that you need a software for putting music into the device. Even though it supports Mp3's and Atracs, many owners have experienced problems with the device accepting their music files.

For more specification information visit: Sony Bean Mp3 Player

Price at Electronic Stores such as Circuit City is USD $104.49


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