Thursday, November 29, 2007

Be Bold, Buy Silver and Gold

If there is one thing that has not lost value over years and instead has gained significant value it is precious metals such as gold and silver. In fact there may never be a better time than now to buy silver. The world demand for silver has gone up dramatically and in fact it exceeds the annual production. Investment in gold is also a smart idea. Gold purchases have been made for centuries and it is a good way to preserve one's wealth as currency can lose value but limited precious metals can't. You can buy gold coin and silver coins from a company called Monex. It's actually pretty convinient as they have a personally delivery system and an option to arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. This shows their reliability and makes it easy for consumers like us to purchase these precious metals.

Motorola adopts Google approach.....

Motorola is developing software which scans SMS messages on the users handset to then deliver ' relevant ' advertising, using a combination of key words from the text and also your GPS location.

The article in the Times goes on to give examples of a user texting the word ' hungry ' to then be sent adverts for restaurants in the local area.

Recent studies from Dynamic Logic for the Hilton’s Hampton hotel chain showed a positive increase in the Hotels brand awareness by advertising on’s WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) site, demonstrating there is indeed a market for relevant mobile advertising content.

All sounds interesting working in a similar fashion to Google Mail, therefore the same concerns have to be raised over privacy and relevance.

Listening to Others

It is fair to say that we humans (most of us anyway) could benefit from the act of listening, more than we do now. None of us are immune to the notion that because we think, or believe a certain way, that it must be the way of thinking or believing. Our egocentric viewpoints often prevent us from taking the time necessary to fully comprehend precisely what is being communicated to us, with the result being that we often wander aimlessly along the path of life, equipped with little more than half-truths, and romantic idealizations.

Have you ever found yourself amidst a large gathering of people, many of whom are clamoring to have their voices heard in conversation, while everyone else does their best to interrupt one another? Ever been one of those seeking to be heard? I certainly have. I have what I feel is an important point to make, or a valuable contribution to add into the conversation, but I am constantly ignored because I am not forceful enough, not loud enough, not... rude enough to make myself heard. The past has taught me that in similar situations, by the time I was given an opportunity to speak I forgot what it was I had wanted to say.

Back to Electronics - T.V

Its not long since Thanksgiving passed and now its on to Christmas season sales. If i were to name one item that was a hot deal this shopping season, it would be flat panel t.v's. The prices of flat panel t.v's have gone down drastically since last year (sadly when i bought mine). However, it is important for us, as consumers, to know where to get the best deals and places to find these deals. Of course many of us are going to use the internet as the number 1 place of research so it is also equally important to know where (as in which sites) to find these deals on. Retailers and manufactures will target internet users so it is critical for consumers to find a reliable site that will give them all the information they need. Now, even though most of the research for T.v's is going to be done on the internet, it is pretty obvious that most of us aren't going to buy these t.v's online and you know what why should we? Flat panel t.v's are a big investment and they need to be seen and compared side by side with other Tv's. After all a hitachi 42 LCD will probably be completely different from a Akai, Sony or Panasonic so it's better to see these Tv's in action in their respectable stores. This is where sites that just give you online deals fall short. Unlike those other sites out there, a site like will not only give you information on the latest deals but also will help you find the exact TV you want at the retailers nearest you. There is nothing more sensible than this. So what are you waiting for? Visit Krillion and get the most accurate local shopping results!

Greed Will Be the Death of You Know

We watched Michael Moore's Sicko yesterday, and his documentary was everything I expected it would be. Not long ago my brother called me saying that he had seen this film, and that he was then seething with frustration. He said that the film caused him to feel ashamed of being an American, and his hope was that if everyone would watch this movie, that viewing it would ignite the revolutionary spark that has long laid dormant in Americans. As you can probably imagine, when I popped in the DVD, I did so excited by the promises of controversial truths. I will admit that Moore has a tendency to sensationalize, and that his flair for the dramatic can often detract from the seriousness of the issue(s) he is attacking, but overall, the film was very well done, and a must-see.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Garage stories

One thing i have always wondered about is how other people use their garage. Even though garages are meant for parking cars, i can safely say that not everyone does that. My garage is mainly used as a storage place so i have to constantly be in there. Unfortunately, my garage flooring is mostly concrete and starting to crack from different areas. If i had a choice i would personally prefer putting some tiles in there as they look cleaner and are easier on the feet. I'm sure that those who use their garages as an extra room of some sort will agree with me on this also. What do you think?

Anyways, for those of you lucky ones with newer floors, you can keep it that way for a long time by using some epoxy on it. This will also help in keeping scratches and cracks off your floor. After all we all like durability.

Replication In MySQL

In some forums, i often saw a question asking about how to synchronize a database to some database servers (it could be local servers or even public servers via Internet). Using a dumped SQL is not very efficient if you want a real time access. Using mysqlhotcopy needs some resources, so it would rip off the performance of the system. The solution is by using Replication. Here's some information from MySQL's manual:

Replication enables data from one MySQL database server (called the master) to be replicated to one or more MySQL database servers (slaves). Replication is asynchronous - your replication slaves do not need to be connected permanently to receive updates from the master, which means that updates can occur over long-distance connections and even temporary solutions such as a dial-up service.
Today, at UGM, i got a material about replication (actually it was last week's material, but many of us had failed, so we had to restart it again. I was absent last week since i had to go to ILC 2007, so this is my first class actually). As always, Manual is the best place to start. I managed to set up one computer as a master and another computer as a slave in less than 10 minutes, so i guess it's pretty straightforward. By using this scheme, the slave would only have read-only access, meaning it only retrieve the updates from the server. Changing the slave wouldn't affect the server. In order to get a round robin model, we should use the daisy-chain model, which is like a P2P technology, where a computer became a server and also became a slave. To do this, it only requires some modifications and it won't take more than another ten minutes to configure it.

Planet For Linux Community

At the last ILC, i have been discussing about a need to have a central site which will aggregate all of Linux community in Indonesia. At that time, i talked to Vavai and Budi. Vavai was willing to provide the space for hosting, so my job was to lobby Ronny Haryanto to add a new sub domain under for the new planet and point the NS to Vavai's NS. We agreed that the sub domain will be

Few days later, i got a reply from Ronny and he agreed with the idea, so the process was very smooth. In just a few days, the Planet has been up and now it's already officially launched. It's made by Vavai and so far, we have managed to aggregate Slackware-ID, Ubuntu-ID, and some LUG (there are others, like Fedora-ID, OpenSUSE-ID, but they haven't been aggregated yet. Perhaps they haven't submit any posts).

We really appreciate your comments on this new idea, so please share your thoughts to me and Vavai via our email address.

If you want your organization to be included in the aggregation, please email Vavai for this, as i don't have any account on the server. For now, we will only aggregate LUG and Linux communities. We don't plan on aggregating an individual, since sometimes the topics is out of context.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Meizu M8 MiniOne (16GB)

Dubbed the Chinese iPhone, we’re familiar with the form factor and touchscreen looks of Meizu’s miniOne. We know that Meizu will take out telephony, at least for the time being, and we’ve learned recently of the miniOne’s face-lift. I know it takes a lot of effort to get interested in the miniOne’s specs outside the superficial form factor, the need to be objective compels us to be give our attention. So here are Meizu miniOne PMP specs.

- ARM11 533MHZ (perhaps Samsung S3C6400) processor

- 128MB DDR SDRAM cache (two 16 512Mb chip components 1024Mb 3 2)


- WIN CE6.0 based on the Windows CE kernel FOR MEIZU M8

- Video decoder CODEC (Possible Samsung S3C6400 built-CODEC)

- 3.32-inch TFT VGA (720 x 480) 16 million colors Touchscreen

- 3 megapixel camera and a .3 megapixel VGA for conferencing (Autofocus, no flash)

- 1600mAHBattery : 1600mAH

- Bluetooth (with GPS access) , Line Out with DMB support, Wi-Fi connectivity with wireless card

- Plays 30fps 720 x 480 AVI, MPEG4, WMV videos and other mainstream video formats, even Real player through decoder, also video recording, and digital TV and GPS through DMB with downloadable maps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Launched another site

Today i launched another site that i am very proud of. NeSqL

Friday, June 08, 2007

Explode Your Summer

What do i mean by explode your summer? I mean have so much fun that you'll create lasting memories. Where's the best place for this? Well of course the one and only Orlando, Florida! Beaches, night shows and the most famous of all - Walt Disney World! Now, fun like this can be costly but it doesn't have to be anymore, i'll let you in on a site which gives Cheap Universal Studios Tickets, infact it gives the cheapest tickets and you have a variety to choose from for example - Disneyquest, Downtown Disney Pleasure Island, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks and any other Disney ticket you can think of. Not only that but they also have Kennedy Space Center tickets, Universal Studios tickets and whatnot.
Don't waste your summer, YOU could be having tons of fun right now! So what are you waiting for...GO buy yourself a ticket!

Top 10 Gadgets for the Filthy

Filthy Rich That is -

Do you travel in private jets? Decorate your foyer with real Renoirs? Use the word "foyer"? Then there's no way you're going to get your gadget fix from anything you can get at Best Buy. You crave the most exclusive, the top of the line, the most unusual, and the most attention-grabbing technology, and price is no object. But there are expensive gadgets, and then there are expensive gadgets. We aren't talking PlayStation 3 expensive — we're talking gear so expensive you'll have your butlers pick them up in your gold-plated helicopter.

Here they are Top 10 Gadgets

Turtle on Wheels

Little Bit, a young Eastern Box Turtle was hit by a car in September of 2000. Her shell was crushed and she was left partially paralyzed. There was no way she would ever be released to the wild as happens with most successful rehabs. I repaired her shell using velcro strips epoxied to anchor points on her carapace. After some weeks Little Bit seemed to have made a full recovery except for the use of her hind legs. So some wheels seemed to be the way to go. HAHAHA

Gifts for a baby shower

Have you ever freaked out about what to give a person as a gift for a babyshower? Well let me give you a secret - personalized baby gifts. Yes, there is nothing more creative and "aww" creating than this. Now you must be wondering where you would get these gifts from. Well why not buy it from the biggest marketplace ever - the internet. There are many good sites like
that will fulfill all you baby and mom gifting needs. Now You can plan ahead and give unique gifts each and every time.

Google Office to replace microsoft

"Google appears to be positioning itself to take a bite out of Microsoft Office and I think they will eventually succeed in doing it. I would much rather have all my records stored online where I don’t have to worry about a hard drive crash and where I can get to them from any computer, any time, for ever. I just had a hard drive crash and believe me, I wish I would have had all my documents stored on the Internet somewhere."

I don’t agree. In fact, I believe that the recently released Google products miss the mark entirely. Now I must qualify my opinion by saying that I am not basing my opinion on actual use of the office system. I have not used any of the “Google Office” features that have recently been released by Google (spreadsheet, calendar, Google Base, etc.), nor do I intend to. Perhaps my reasons are ignorant, and perhaps my reasoning is short sighted, but here is why I will never trust my important documents to an online program:

The Internet isn’t always stable

Adsense 3 more Units

Here is a small excerpt from adsense:
"We're now requiring AdSense publishers to comply with the spirit of our Page Quality Guidelines. If you're an AdWords advertiser, you might already be familiar with these guidelines, which are intended to provide a better experience for users, advertisers, and publishers alike. If you use any kind of online advertising, know that these guidelines encourage publishers to, among other things, create sites with simple navigation and substantial, useful content."

"The other noteworthy update: now you can place up to three link units on a page. As we've noted in the past, link units are a great way to provide relevant, user-friendly ads in hard-to-fit locations on your site. With the new opportunity to place three link units -- and the plethora of link unit formats -- we hope you'll find great ways of incorporating this unique ad format on your site."

Finally, more ways to earn some more revenue
Read More Here

Every once in a while

Every once in a while i decide to give sane advice to my readers. Today is one of those days. So if you're wondering what i'm going to talk about - its something that we all love...Wealth. Have you ever heard of scarcity? If not it is an increase in demand due to low supply. Right now, precious metals such as gold and silver are in this situation. Let's just look at silver for a second - ever since 1990, silver supplies are shrinking and their value is skyrocketing. Lucky for you, it hasn't quite yet reached it peak so if you invest in some, you'll be guaranteed a nice return.

So where can i get it? Well you can really buy it anywhere, or atleast anywhere trusted so here's a well trusted place you can get it from - Monex Deposit Company (MDC).

Remember a wise decision now will pay off later.

Guys with no lives?

What do guys with no lives do? Combine thier love of Star Wars with a strange obsession with LEGO

Star Wars LEGOs are interesting, and kinda funny, and the video game is pure entertainment, but you would be surprised to see how far these dorks will go to make themselves happy. Although many would say this is a healthier way to get your kicks than say, a week long binge drinking fest, I am guessing it is also not healthy to never, ever...ever, ever, ever have contact with a person of the opposite sex.

Anyways, i not pointing at anyone, just wanted to speak my mind and see what people do.

Anyone remember Worms?

A Review Of a Classic - WORMS
WORMS is an awesome product from video game that was released for the original Sony Playstation. This game is well known among avid video gamers, as it has a pretty large cult following, but in my opinion has not seen the “Madden-like” popularity it deserves, as it has the ability to not get boring for skilled players, even over long periods of playing time. The point of the games is to pick teams or worms and have them attack each other. Each player is only allowed to move his or her worms a certain amount, which is determined by the number of points that the player has. Each round gives players equal amounts of points. Sound easy? It is easy to play, but extremely difficult to master; a prerequisite of a classic video game.

If you can find a couple buddies who are experienced players, this Playstation (and PC)classic from Team 17 will continue to find its way into your rotation. Trust me, it's a pretty sweet product.

Move ahead

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Now i know i have mentioned something similar to this before but i just can't help my self from saying it again, online universities are flourishing in today's age and people are getting a chance to educate themselves further due to its flexibility. Not only that but they offer various graduate degree programs such as business, information technology, education, human services, and in fact you can even get an online psychology degree if you wanted to. This is the part that most people don't understand, You can move ahead in life with further education. For example, many students (with further education) end up working at large corporations, federal agencies and so on.

So don't give an excuse, you can do it too.

Fry for Love

I don’t care what it is; deep-frying it makes it better. If you liked it before, try deep-frying it, and I am sure that you will like it even more. What I use is a FryDaddy Presto 05420. I keep is by my couch and drop pizza rolls in all night long.

If you have never deep-fried a pizza roll, you are missing out. My favorite diet of all time is a deep-fried diet (never do this for more than a couple of weeks)

Try deep-frying everything from roast beef sandwiches to marshmallows to pork loin. It’s all good, that’s why my FryDaddy will never leave my side. It is awesome. If you haven’t tried a deep fried diet, do it now; and if that sounds horrible to you, whatever, you just don't know how to live.

1080p for cheap

For all of you guys that are tired of playing your Xbox 360 in your parent's basement in less-than 1080p clarity, yet have spent all your dough on that 60-inch plasma that has allowed your dad from wrenching you from the rent-free, laundry-free arms of your mother, those crazy guys at Engadget have found a way to do it cheap. Find out how to turn a standard Xbox 360 video cable into a VGA cable for cheap here
Now you can be your own boss.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Different Mortgages

I think many of us know what mortgages are, but how many of us know what Endowment mortgages are? This is something i learned about today. As it turns out, endowment mortgages are where the interest on the priciple amount is due and that principle is covered by a type of insurance known as an endowment policy. This policy is known as endowments in the United Kingdom. Now they did seem to have a problem a while ago which caused many people to sell them back at ridiculously low prices. In order to benefit the sellers, the goverment recommended them to be sold through an endowment policy selling service. It has been know that by selling through such a service, one might be able to receive up to 35% more for their policy.

Format Wars: is sony the winner?

Sony plans to begin marketing Blu-ray as the winner courtesy impressive sales data released from Nielsen Video Scan showing Blu-ray outselling HD-DVD by a 2:1 margin in January 2007.

But, actually the format war between the supporters of both the formats is showing no signs of ending.

No one is happy definitely not the HD buyers very few titles are still available on either of them. Consumers are not favouring the purchase of players of either flavour. As the media and the players remain expensive.
LG's release of Dual-format player during the CES(consumer electronics show) 2007 just comes as a shy of relief for the consumers in selecting a player.

In fact , some are waiting for HVD_Holographic Versatile Disc- entirely avoiding the upgrade to the blue laser and some feel the flash with its small size and ever-plunging prices, could kill of blue laser media.

China's answer to the high capacity blue laser formats the EVD(Enhanced versatile disc) is here. China started the development of the EVD in 1999 to avoid paying high royalties for DVD's. It works on red laser.
Is it going to kill the Blu-ray and the HD-DVD?
the answer is -no. It is very unlikely to be adopted else where except China, and also big compinies like Sony, Philips, Sun, Dell, HP, Pioneer ,TDK, and Apple supporting Blu-ray. While HD-DVD has the support of Toshiba, Microsoft,Intel.

In short the entire HD format thing seems to have gone awry with no clear winner in the battle and a winner isn't likely to emerge for some time which is just what it seems.

Mac Vs Pc

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple's new " I'm a Mac" advartisements .
Have you seen them ?
They seem to have caught quite a fancy of the viewers.
For those who don't know, Apple has released advartisements that potray PC users as uncool geeks and then compare them to Mac users , who they potray as "cool dudes".

They've even got ads against the Microsoft's newly released vista.

What the Microsoft people said :

Bill Gates : " I don't think the over 90per cent of those who use Windows PCs think of themselves as dullards , or the kind of klutzzes that somebody are tyring to say they are."

Steve Ballmer: "Remember when you're little tiny niche guy who owns about 2 per cent of the worlwide market, you can be cute one time and it helps you grow."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Real Money

When it comes to prices and value of money, i don't joke around. Without blabbering on i will go straight to the point and tell you what "real money" is and where you can get it. Real money is not the money that you currently hold in your pockets and purses. Real money are coins. Yes Silver coins, Gold coins, Platinum coins - those with true rare value. That's one investment that will never go down the drain. The money you currently hold will continue to lose value but minerals and precious metals will never. In fact they still hold the value they did 5 years ago. This is why i say that you should go to the nearest coin dealer and invest the smart way