Monday, January 15, 2007 Reviews

Well the first thing you'll notice is that they require you to find some hidden code in their terms of service(wtf). Yeah it's an image file so crtl-F will not work. They actually expect you to read every aspect of it and many people think that this is total bs. They will delete your site without telling you what you specifically did wrong so watch out for that! I would not recommend them if you're trying to create a respectable working site.


Blogger Simeon said...

Quite an interesting comment since I'm hosted at for over 5 years. Yeah, they are kinda strict for a FREE host. But hey, five years and no problems. They make people read the TOS because they took time to write every line, not just a copy paste. Moreover they don't require postings to host and they treat their regulars with great care. Of course they are not that serious. Just lots of banter to take out the real people from the bots.

I guess I'm lucky. Cheers. Better luck next time :D

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