Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Format Wars: is sony the winner?

Sony plans to begin marketing Blu-ray as the winner courtesy impressive sales data released from Nielsen Video Scan showing Blu-ray outselling HD-DVD by a 2:1 margin in January 2007.

But, actually the format war between the supporters of both the formats is showing no signs of ending.

No one is happy definitely not the HD buyers very few titles are still available on either of them. Consumers are not favouring the purchase of players of either flavour. As the media and the players remain expensive.
LG's release of Dual-format player during the CES(consumer electronics show) 2007 just comes as a shy of relief for the consumers in selecting a player.

In fact , some are waiting for HVD_Holographic Versatile Disc- entirely avoiding the upgrade to the blue laser and some feel the flash with its small size and ever-plunging prices, could kill of blue laser media.

China's answer to the high capacity blue laser formats the EVD(Enhanced versatile disc) is here. China started the development of the EVD in 1999 to avoid paying high royalties for DVD's. It works on red laser.
Is it going to kill the Blu-ray and the HD-DVD?
the answer is -no. It is very unlikely to be adopted else where except China, and also big compinies like Sony, Philips, Sun, Dell, HP, Pioneer ,TDK, and Apple supporting Blu-ray. While HD-DVD has the support of Toshiba, Microsoft,Intel.

In short the entire HD format thing seems to have gone awry with no clear winner in the battle and a winner isn't likely to emerge for some time which is just what it seems.


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