Friday, November 10, 2006

Samsung E530 Review

Samsung E530's body is made up of plastic and has two different color tones. The sides of the phone are toned with glossy white color while the middle body is of pink color. The dimensions of this phone are 86x43x26.3 mm and it weighs 85 grams. If you compare this phone with other devices, you won't find much difference.

The external screen's first two lines has a resolution of 16x96 pixels which shows the time, battery charge and signal level. The remaining of the screen has a 65k OLED screen with a resolution of 80x96 pixels. Samsung's main target for the phone are women. Keeping them in mind the edging of the internal screen is of mirror but can't change itself to a mirror lik T500. The internal screen resolution is 176x220 pixels with 262k colors.


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