Friday, November 10, 2006

Large Scale Attack on Host Servers

Last weekend the ISC (Internet Storm Center) was trying to track a large scale hack that infected site-hosting servers. By doing this they in sense turned all the hosted sites into distributors of a virus.

The ISC said that the attackers used both direct and indirect means to infect users. In some cases, a script was appended to all home pages of the sites hosted on the host servers and the script redirected visitors of those sites to a malicious site that actually infected anyone that visited it. ICS also found some proof that a DNS cache poisoning attack was part of the virus.

Staying one step ahead of anyone trying to track them. The hackers were using Dynamic DNS . The ICS said that the IP address for three different domains were all resolving to the one address (

So far, a week later, they still have no clue on who the hacker or hackers were.


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