Thursday, November 09, 2006

Public Speaking

I chatted in my last blog about public speaking, and that reminded me about locally speaking. It always amazes me that writers will not contact the local schools, libraries, and other places, and offer to host a workshop. I've made a lot of money that way. I've even sponsored my own events.

I ask a lot of writers why they don't do this. The reasons usually vary. The most common one is 'I'm not famous' or 'I'm not published.' If you are a WAHM, are getting paid to write, or have finished a novel, then people want to hear from you. Even self published authors have something to talk about.

I think that most writers get caught up in the writing industry's PR. Most 'laypeople' don't care whether we are a 'real' writer, or that we have a 'real' publisher. They just love the fact that we are A writer, or ARE published.
Most people won't come to hear anything more than "I am doing it, and you can too."
Of course, it takes a while to build up a presentation, and learn how to entertain people. After all, that is all you'll be doing, is entertaining people.


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