Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thanks to Car insurance companies

Last Saturday, as i was leaving my friend's house, i noticed somebody trying to break into a car two-houses down. At first i thought that it was the owner of the car trying to open the door because he must have locked his keys in but when i offered to help, he gave me a snare and started to look around. As my friend came out, this guy took off like there's no tommorrow. This brought me to think that sometimes its us the people that help the thieves out by making careless mistakes. Like the other day at Walmart, i saw a porche with the convertible top off and keys placed in the cup holder. I mean who wouldn't try to steal that car? If it weren't for car insurance companies i don't know how these people would have the guts to be so irresponsible. There are simple steps that everyone can take inorder to be protected from such theft. You can start out by not leaving your keys in your car and making sure that all your windows are properly closed.


Blogger yo4rker said...

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Blogger Abigail David said...

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