Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wow Look at the Prices!

Today i went out for a little ride in my small city. As i was driving i realized that my gas was almost out. My eyes fell on the first gas station but quickly turned away as they noticed the price per gallon of gas. I probably figured that the gas station down the road would save me some money. When i arrived at the station i noticed that this gas station (usually the cheapest) was now even more expesive than the one i passed. This really put me to thought because i started to realize that gas prices were not the only ones going up. My father always watches the daily news and for the past few day Gold prices have certeinly retained about a triple fold of their value. I seriously think that the dollar currency is losing alot of its value. We might be seeing some kind of recession in the next few decades if this continues. My best advice for now would be to invest in some precious metals because in the end...they will be the only ones to keep their true value (like land!).


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